Cobbler, Cobbler, Mend My Shoe

Time to go shoe shopping in my own closet.

So many fine pairs of shoes in there.  Many made in Italy, Spain, or Portugal.  Built to last.  Worn down by heavy use but with plenty of miles to go.  I spent a lot on them.  On purpose, you see, because I decided quality matters where footwear is concerned.  Quality is the near perfect balance of beauty plus function.  I would now like to add mileage to the equation.

I’d love to snatch up a pair of new shoes right about now.  Just one new pair for the 2018 fall season, that’s all.  What would be so bad about that?  It’s not guilt that holds me back.  It’s not money.  I give myself a generous shoe budget. No, it’s something else.  Something more global.  An overarching issue in my life right now.

In a word…clutter.

Clutter really gets to me.  General house clutter mostly.  Too many papers, books, music and stray socks.  Too many kitchen utensils, expired food pantry items, office supplies, file folders of stuff from the kids’ elementary school years, things bought at estate sales that never got cleaned up and re-purposed, Christmas gifts I never liked, clothing items bought online that don’t fit but never got returned.  Do I need to go on?

So let’s face it, I have too many shoes.  Time to purge, donate the orphans, and spiff up the ones that need attention.  I don’t like to waste time beating myself up about the hardly worn.  As Mari Kondo says, they “sparked joy” when I bought them.

I spent a few hours tidying up my closet this afternoon.  I pulled out all the shoes and boxes then dusted, and swept.  I moved the spring/summer shoes back into boxes and stacked them neatly on the top shelf.


Next, I organized the fall/winter shoes I frequently wear into the hanging shoe caddy and the rest into easily accessed boxes on the floor.


I have seven pairs I will offer to my daughter and what she doesn’t want I will donate.

Lastly, I’ve identified the ones that are badly in need of repair.

IMG_4066These are going to the cobbler.

The thought of it gives me a little thrill.  I hand over the shoes and then, for a fraction of the original cost, I will pay for the repairs and receive what will feel like four brand new pairs.  More mileage=more love.

Here are the before pictures…

IMG_4067This pair of Ink booties were a staple of my wardrobe between 2013-2015.  While at an ACDA National Conference in Minneapolis two years ago, the cap to the heel broke off.  Likely while marching back and forth daily between the conference center and hotel snaking through the infamous Downtown Skywalk.  I didn’t notice until I took a field trip to visit my old friend Christopher Hopkins (The Makeover Guy) and he detected the lopsided clopping sound which accompanied my stroll through the aisles of a liquor store as we searched for a decent pinot noir.


Here’s a pair of Chie Miharas where the heel cap also detached.  I love the textured leather, but it’s worn away on the toes.  Can it be restored?

IMG_4074Another pair of booties but this time it’s the tip of the sole that has come away.  This was my first pair of Coclicos.


IMG_4078These Chie Mihara flats have a metallic finish.  I got them a few years ahead of the trend.  I’ve badly scuffed up the toe of the left shoe with the edge of the heel on the right shoe.  Hopefully my cobbler can work with the metallic finish and maybe file down the edge of the heel a bit?

I’m off to the Village Cobbler!



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