Considering Prada

I’m smitten with these 2015 fall Prada mary janes…
prada trio

And these loafers…

prada loafers

And these boots….

prada boots

Prada,Gucci,Louis Vuitton,Chanel; these are not my shoe designers.  I don’t possess the wardrobe, lifestyle or pocketbook they demand.  But these are so up my alley right now.

I love the heel, the double straps, the little cutout windows and the color.

prada yellowprada blackPrada blueSomebody actually invented a new mary jane. Good old Miu Miu. I wonder if they feel as good as they look?  Easily twice or three times as much as I’m willing to pay, could I detect a difference? Or is the object to “be seen?”  Would you know it was Prada if you saw me on the streets?  Because, when I think of Prada, it goes more like this…

prada older prada older yellow prada sandal red prada boot comma prada boot brownBeautifully elegant shoes, but where’s the fun?  Where’s the spunk?

Here it is…prada metallicprada green and yellowprada pink

I could do without the oven mitts, though.

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