In Praise of the Spontaneous Outing


Chie Mihara Nasy in navy blue and turquoise from fall/winter collection 2014.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  I am taking time out from my sick bed to write a post and to share with you my latest shoe acquisition from Christmas morning (see above).  We Had a fabulous Christmas family reunion in New Jersey with all 20 members of the Sherlock family; one matriarch, five siblings, five significant others and nine cousins.  We drove down on Christmas Day and sailed right across the Tappan Zee bridge with absolutely no traffic.

One day we strolled along the Asbury Park Boardwalk in weather approaching 60 degrees ferenhiet.  Stopping for some nachos and beer at Pop’s Garage we met Kelly.

IMG_6402Kelly, we soon found out, was the accountant and had been pulled into service because the place was understaffed and hadn’t anticipated the rush.  She tried to warn us, but we couldn’t be deterred by the threat of slow service and delayed tortilla chips.  We sat outside at a picnic table until the sun started moving behind the building and we remembered it was winter.  Although guacamole, salsa, chips and beer were flowing, more of our gang was showing up and we needed a bigger table and a bit more shelter.  Kelly found us an empty table at the sister sushi restaurant next door.  It was perfect and so we became more serious about eating.  IMG_6408IMG_6410Fish tacos, beef enchiladas, chicken nachos, quesadillas and a pitcher of Shirley Temples soon graced the long table.  Kelly encouraged us to grab up utensils and napkins from a nearby abanodoned bussing station.  “Help yourself to whatever you can find for Pete’s sake.”

I don’t know how long we were there or what meal it was.  Lunch? Dinner? Linner?  At a certain point it was revealed that the regular wait staff had offered to take over our table for Kelly.  She would have nothing of it.  She sat down for awhile and regaled us with her employment history in and around Asbury Park.  She had done the books for just about every bar in town but earlier had done a bit of waitressing.  She was enjoying this blast from her past.

When it was time to go, most of us walked home heading north along the boardwalk.  IMG_6415IMG_6413

Although the week was filled with other great family events; the annual Christmas bowling outing, cousin gift exchange, carols around the piano, fabulous home cooked meals, an excursion into NYC to see a broadway musical…the spontaneous afternoon on the Asbury Park Boardwalk will remain a favorite memory.

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